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Terms And Conditions

This site has that any user should be aware of and terms of use that each member and must use the website in accordance to these foregoing terms.

General Terms Of Use: You’re hereby granted access to and use the services but the site reserve the right to enforce these terms of conditions and the comparable sanctions as a result of infraction or non-observance of these terms.

Access: Access to the web site is hereby granted to both unregistered and registered users. This web site reserves the right to prohibit and restrict anyone from posting advice in any sorts which will break the terms of use and from using the site. Other services of the website may also be availed by any registered user who religiously follow the terms of the site and who keep accurate info.

Contents And Copyright: This site hereby grants you the license to access and use the website ; nevertheless, its use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited; you’re not permitted additionally to make modifications for example adaptation, translation, conversion of the contents and other materials owned by the website ; duplicating, reproducing, printing, distributing, downloading posting and or transmitting the materials; using merchandise listings; and using data mining and other extraction methods to extract materials and files from your web site.

Your license to use the website will be terminated without prior notice when we found you practice unauthorized access. In exactly the same way, the company reserves the right to prosecute all violators of the terms of use.

The site reserves the right to change the contents of the site ; the changes can be made from time to time without previous notice, if there are promotional offers.

We cannot guarantee that if we have advertised on sale or promotional products, such will be accessible in the time you think to buy such; we reserve the right to cancel any trades and services of the web site ; and we don’t warrant the site’s posts are free from errors.

Using The Website Services: As a registered owner, you’ll be able to post your comments and join the discussion boards. We even have an email service that is available.

You can also post websites important to the niche we preserve. Nonetheless, make sure to be responsible enough to your posts. Your contents are edited and screened and may be rejected by the admin if it is discovered to have misrepresented info and to have many flaws.

When posting, you must follow the format guidelines like the pixels for the pictures and the video length and quality to be followed.

Ensure That You Discover The Following:

a. The contents that that or misrepresent may ruin the picture of the firm are not satisfactory.

b. The posts must be related to the market of the site.

c. Links that may be directed to other websites to harm the business, its employees and its suppliers and other stakeholders are prohibited.

d. Contents that include viruses and malware and other types damaging software should be avoided and are screened which may just cause termination of your account.

e. The contents that have porn and any forms of violence usually are not allowed.

f. Spamming problems aren’t tolerated.

g. And other offensive acts unlike the copyright law should be averted.